Paolo Musa

Born in Lodi in 1984, in 2014 Paolo moved to Canada to diversify his photography practice. Living and working in Toronto for one year, Paolo deeped himself in the Canadian mood to absorb the multicultural North American lifestyle. Thanks to his captivating work as backstage photographer for Dazed&Confused, he travelled until 2017 to the main fashion capitals and captured the opportunity to contribute the evolving vision of the fashion world. Back to Milan in 2017, he began his collaboration with Elle Italia, launching his career as distinctive voice within the world of fashion photography. In Paolo's images, the subjects are portrayed in a natural and spontaneous way, trying to convey positivity and lightness, always seeking liveliness and "joie de vivre" without ever neglecting charme and peculiarities. In his personal projects, Paolo experiments constantly, looking for various dimensions and limits of the human body in all of its multi-faced components.