Luca Lazzaro

Lazzaro Luca born in L'Aquila, where he obtained the diploma of Artistic High School. Having always had a passion for fashion, he moved to Rome at a very young age and started working at the “Studio 3” salon in Piazza di Spagna. In 1992 he had the opportunity to work in Milan, capital of fashion, at the highly renowned and traditional salon: "Aldo Coppola", where he was able to acquire a great professional capacity, to participate personally as a manager in fashion shows and events. fashion in Italy and abroad and in the most important backstages also on television. Marianna has always been his booker who has constantly valued and appreciated her activity. He has collaborated with the best known brands and has been Moroccanoil sponsor for many years. He has worked, with the enthusiasm and the spirit of collaboration that is his, for some celebrities of fashion and entertainment. He has participated, as a teacher, in training courses for young hairdressers and has worked for many national and international fashion magazines.

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