Claudia Malavasi

was born in Mantova, a small town in the North of Italy. Since I was a child,  I am always been passionate about makeup and fashion. I loved trying new products and makeup and I used to spend a lot of time reading magazines, such as Vogue Italia, getting inspired for new makeup and dreaming of a career as a makeup artist. After finishing high school, I moved to Milan and studied at the make up school BCM and in the meantime, I was working as an assistant for different makeup artists and some agencies as well. After working for years in the industry, gaining experience, I've started a career as a freelance, working as a key makeup artist for fashion shows, editorials and commercial shoots. I have a passion for skincare products, as I believe that beautiful skin is crucial for perfect makeup. I am always driven to the best result, through the best techniques, tidiness and cleanliness, that are mandatory in my work. Makeup is my passion for life.

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