Jorge Perez Ortiz

For London-and-Barcelona-based photographer Jorge Perez Ortiz, themes are what matters the most. After graduating in fine arts, and working across different fields such as painting and sculpture, Jorge brought to fruition his passion for visual storytelling. “Photography gave me the possibility to create stories through fashion. I started taking pictures of my friends or people that I was attracted to. Subjects that will make history by themselves.” “I’ve always been attracted to cultures and everything that surrounds me” he says, “especially the male subject”. Taking cue from what surrounds him, Jorge has his lens pointed firmly at topics such as gender, sexuality, fashion and identity. Natural light gives him the chance to wholly focus on the subject, while creating emptiness in the background. Jorge’s collaborations include brands, exhibitions and publications like Loewe, Hyeres fashion festival, L’Officiel Hommes, Hercules and much more.

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