Cecilia Gil

Cecilia Gil is an Argentinean photographer educated in painting, fashion design and documentary photography. Her expressive work is characterized by its unusual narrative capacity and pictorial sensibility. She captures people, objects and situations with humour and grace, celebrating and ironizing the ordinary.With a style that blends intuition and carefully constructed detail, Cecilia creates witty fictions about the everyday, conveying an intimacy in tension between the surreal and the familiar.Living between Argentina and Spain, in the last years she has collaborated with different clients and publications, including: Nike, Patagonia, Cynar, Fiat, Revista Balam, Kostüme, Kaltblut Magazine, Sicky Magazine. In 2022 she exhibited her personal work in her first solo show called Fragil and she was also part of the collective exhibition “Lo que importa es la piel” at Praxis Gallery.