Alan Chies

Alan was born on 1st october 1977 in Cuneo. He achieved his first diploma in agriculture then went to University in Venice, where he took up philosophy with Professor Italo Zannier. After moving to Milan, in 2006, he started working as a photography assistant with such names as  Toni Thorimbert, Serge Leblon, Willi Van Der Peer and Bob Krieger and thus gained insight into that trade. Alan took the jump as a professional photographer thanks to his collaborations with Elle, Forgethem, Amica online, Hunter, Rivista Studio, Please, Metal and the advertising campaigns for Vic Matiè and Gianni Serra Tonello. Among his famous shots he boats the ones done for Rolling Stone Italy and the portraits of bands like Black Keys, Bloody Beetroots and Tommy Lee. After some time in Paris, Alan came home in 2011 and increased the intensity of his work, participating in expositions like Eyes to  Me , Brevi Racconti, Nu, organized by Andrea Concina and Flou curated by Saul Marcadent. In Alan’s work, girls are naturally and spontaneously portrayed without and staging and “stripped” of any fashion code. This is a bond of trust Alan has always strived to establish with the eyes of the viewers, displaying women honestly and without artifice.

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